During my 22 The Career Doctoryears of helping people get jobs and advance in their careers, I have also been providing my clients’ with solutions to their work problems such as:

Dealing with their mean bosses
Handling their petty coworkers
Their inability to get out of an assignment they hate
Their belief that they are being discriminated against because they are black Hispanic or female
Their anger at management
Their anger at their union representation
Their belief that they are being treated unfairly
Thinking they are underpaid, and/or
Believing they are under-utilized.

As a result I got the nickname “the Career Doctor” and many of my clients begin a conversation with me in this way “Doc, my boss is blocking my promotion what should I do?” And so on…… I am going to begin tweeting questions each week and please tweet back about issues you are facing in getting a job, advancing in your career and dealing with problems at work. I look forward to chatting with you.
Career Doctor