The LeT© Corporation offers products and services to assist individuals in achieving a job or career advancement, and assists organizations in hiring and diversity awareness.

An organizational and industrial psychologist, Career Doctor Cassi Fields has worked in the performance assessment industry for more than 20 years. Dr. Fields founded the LeT© (Limited Exposure Theory) Corporation, which explains why barriers to advancement exist and suggests that some – most often females and those from disadvantaged backgrounds – lack access to the vital information/knowledge they need to get a job or advance in their careers. This creates barriers to success, creating the infamous “glass ceiling.”

The company offers products and services, including MiA© (Missing information Analysis) Strategy, which identifies information obstacles and methods to obtain that information, and strategies for organizations to convert the newly acquired information into effective behaviors for job acquirement or career advancement; Advance Your Career a telephone service that provides individuals daily information, goal-setting and effective, easy-to-follow steps for implementing the MiA Strategy; and Career Coaching.

LeT© Corporation also offers performance assessment and industrial consulting. Dr. Fields created Fields Consulting Group and has developed hundreds of assessment centers for Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments throughout the U.S. — directing and administering innovative and highly-effective testing and measurement tools. The firm is based in the Washington D.C. area.