We offer a unique range of consulting services help people unleash their inherent potential, advance in their career, or transform their organization to a more diverse and profitable entity.

Industrial consulting

Dr. Fields serves as an expert advisor to numerous executives and organizations, particularly those that have experienced repetitive employment discrimination lawsuits. Fields has developed hundreds of assessment centers for Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments throughout the U.S.; directing and administering innovative and highly-effective testing and measurement tools.

Employee and organizational advancement

In developing the Limited Exposure Theory (LeT) and its strategic solution, Missing Analysis Information (MiA), Dr. Fields has created a comprehensive set of tools to assess and assist individuals/groups in identifying the critical missing information they need for success. Consulting services include: Proprietary MiA surveys, on-site or online administration and actionable behaviors for creating change, MiA Training and Coaching, employee engagement and advancement, profitability tools, and a host of additional human capital programs designed to harness the innovative spirit of each individual.

Getting a new job; climbing the ladder

Dr. Fields and her team developed the Advance Your Career system to help people get a job and advance in their careers.  Time-tested strategies of what “works” and a step-by-step guide help people achieve their goals…faster.  Consulting services include daily interactive telephone/Web outreach.

The Worldwide Center for Coaching

Professional and caring coaches help prepare you for all aspects of finding a new job or moving up in your current company. Seamlessly blended into the Advance your Career system by Dr. Fields and spearheaded by acclaimed “person-centered branding” coach Wendy Newman M.A., this hands-on consulting feature has yielded remarkable success for employees of all levels and skill sets.