Advance Your Career – A telephone service that provides individuals daily information, goal-setting and effective, easy-to-follow steps for implementing the MiA Strategy. Also available online, Dr. Fields teaches you how to obtain the information, skill sets, and tools you need to find a job or advance your career. You will: Build an exceptional resume! Interview like a pro! “Look” the part of the job you seek! Bring a new found confidence to achieving your goals!

The Worldwide Center for Coaching – The best sports figures in the world use coaches to achieve more. And this is your opportunity to be coached by the best. Real, sincere, professional, and here for your success; we offer two types of coaches:

  1. MiA coaches help you on your journey of information-gathering and preparing for your new job.
  2. Person-Centered Branding coaches help you define yourself in a way that perfectly matches the target job you seek, building and unleashing your unique brand into the marketplace.

MiA Surveys – Designed for organizations committed to diversifying their workforces at all levels. The survey is taken by non-management employees to identify the information they need to advance in their careers and by management employees to identify information that they are not successfully disseminating to their employees. Surveys may be implemented by MiA-certified coaches and consultants only.

MiA Consulting Services – Once information obstacles are clearly identified, many organizations are committed to disseminating the information; however, many employees don’t know how to convert that information into successful behaviors for advancement. To do so, they likely need business coaches, customized or off-the-shelf training programs. The LeT Corporation provides these services to help organizations create a more profitable and diverse workforce.

MiA Certification – A robust process that certifies coaches and consultants in MiA theories, tools and applications.

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