Dr. Cassi L. Fields discusses jobless numbers going down but surprisingly not at the rate one would expect given other indicators such as corporate earnings.

“We’ve had this ongoing tug of war: on one side has been very strong corporate performance and on the other side has been anemic job growth,” Brian Koble, the director of research at Downtown-based Hefron Tillotson, said. “And today the weak jobs numbers pulled the market lower.”
All of the major indices were down. The Dow Jones industrial average closed at 13,038.27, down 168.32 or 1.27 percent; Nasdaq lost 67.96 points to close down 2.25 percent at 2,956.34; and Standard & Poors 500 fell 22.47 to close at 1,369.10 or 1.61 percent.

Mr. Koble said the markets fell because “the number of jobs was A.) below expectations and B.) insufficient to pull [the unemployment rate] down.”