Sunday, June 17, 2012

Joyce Gannon writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quotes our favorite expert, Dr. Cassi Fields when discussing what to do when you are seeking employment with a company known for hiring from Ivy League Universities.  Highlighting your skills to overcome degree prejudice.  You went to a great school but it wasn’t Ivy League.  Employers are impressed by what you can do for their bottom line and how your skills will match up with what the company needs.

“Applicants need to know the job’s personality traits and knowledge requirements, and they can learn what they are. You can Google the world these days. So go to the firms and talk to people in those jobs. Talk to a recruiter. Talk to a human resources representative from the company.”

In other words, research the company and go beyond what you read in the job posting.

“I think if you can understand what the job is that you seek, you can make your resume match that job,” Ms. Fields said.

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And another tip from Dr. Cassi Fields:

Make sure your resume or application states that salary is negotiable.

“Harvard, Yale or MIT graduates may garner higher salaries, and that might be a concern to the employer in this day and age.”

You may also hold an advantage if you live closer to the job location, she said.

“Even if you’re competing against a Harvard grad and you do not have travel costs for the interview, you might get the interview because flying the Harvard grad in from Boston could be high cost.”

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